version 2.1.0 is here, check it out now!

Secure your property with a cheap Raspberry Pi is a low-budget surveillance solution, that uses computer vision algorithms to detect changes, and that can trigger other devices. is open source so you, but also other people, can customize the source to your needs and share it with our community. It has a green footprint when deploying on the Raspberry Pi and it's easy to install , you only need to transfer the image to the SD card and you're done.

Monitor your events with our user-friendly web interface

Use your mobile phone, tablet or PC to keep an eye on your property. View the images taken by with our responsive and user-friendly web interface. Look at the dashboard to get a graphical overview of the past days. Multiple instances can be installed and viewed with a single web interface.

Installation made easy

Installing to your IoT device, has never been so easy. By using our cross-platform installer, you can run a fully configured video surveillance system within 3 minutes. Indeed, we also think that's awesome!

Let's get started handsome!

Want to see how the web interface looks like, then check out the demo environment! Once you're convinced that is amazing, you can get started with installing on your own Raspberry Pi. Have fun!

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